Skalský dvůr, ČR
2. − 6.7.2023



Get yourself a T-Shirt

👕 Get yourself a cool T-Shirt to memorialize your spy adventures on this year's Česfur. As an Investigator - regular attendee, you have a T-shirt with the 🐐 ibex detective (codename: Goat) available for purchase. But if you're an Analyst or a Special Agent - a sponsor or supersponsor respectively, you'll receive our 🤖 protogen hacker (codename: Byte) design. You can always buy additional T-Shirt with the ibex! Both of this designs were created by the skillful Azshara (@kletete on Telegram).

Buy the lunch and dinner upgrade

Same like last year, the food 🍴 will be served in the buffet style. The cook passed our thorough tests and we can only recommend it. In case you still hesitate whether to buy lunch and dinner upgrade, decide fast please. Only limited number will be possible to buy directly during the convention, to avoid waste.

Conbook illustation

Conbook illustration deadline is getting close. And, we are still open for submissions. Do not hesitate to send us a drawing or painting which fits our theme or the con. We print in color. Maximum size is A5, 300 DPI minimum is required. Submit your work to until May 29.


Looking for volunteer driver

Unfortunately, one of our volunteer driver is not able to attend this year at the end. Thus, we are searching for a replacement driver who should help with the shuttle service on arrival day (2. 7.) (and early arrival day if possible), departure day (6. 7.), and during the convention (emergency rides upon request by the orgateam). Own car is must. The car has to be able to take 3 other persons incl. baggage regardless the weather. Please, be aware that a fursuiter usually means two large suitcases. The volunteer should be able to understand Czech and English on the level which allow to take requests and pick attendees up. Please, let us know through the contact form in case you would like to participate as a volunteer driver.

Recon mission 6.-7.5.

Before the Česfur mission, we'll do some recon 🕵️. The orgs will be in Skalský Dvůr on 6.-7.5. to test the gameshow, ensure the hotel is still standing and have some leisure time for socializing. You're welcome to join! No registration, but you'll need to get a hotel spot on your own. We'd be happy to meet you.


Call for DJs

Want to help bring the best summer party to ČeSFuR by playing your awesome music?
We need you!
DJ’s sign up here:

The best summer party is at ČeSFuR 2023!


Scammers targeting ČF attendees

Internet scammers are now preying on Česfur attendees. If you are attempting to buy a spot on Česfur second-hand, we *highly* advise you to contact us first via the contact form. We will verify seller's claims and make sure that the account they are selling is actually theirs.