2. − 6.7.2022
Skalský dvůr, ČR



Join Artista Alley and Artshow!

If you're of artistic nature, don't forget to register for artist alley (dealer's den) and your work for artshow. Artshow allows sale of your work, but also just showcasing your creations, or just your favourite art. Both registrations can be done in your profile on česfur website.

If you prefer different kind of art, we have open slots for DJs. According to our poll, most favourite music styles are retro ('90, '80), dance (hands up), electro swing, disco, so if you can't decide what to play, these are the styles we'd prefer :) Anyone is welcome though, if interested, contact @Tamu_Lion on Telegram or use the contact form.


Host your own Česfur event!

Would you like to participate on Česfur program? If you have an event in mind, especially a workshop, competition or  a game, but also lectures or other activities, please fill this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfEk4tbnCkNWZOqisWSwoFa6WoF1mntbB44p0EN9FrDW9qKRw/viewform?usp=sf_link
We're looking forward to your ideas and will contact you if your event is picked.
If you have questions, kindly send them to @FurCPhoto on Telegram.


IMPORTANT - Hotel rooms - reminder

Reminder about the hotel rooms - if you're in the waiting list, please send us a contact form message confirming your interest in hotel room. If you aren't registered yet and want a hotel room, register and send us a message too.
Tomorrow (21st May) we're going to assign rooms to interested attendees by their waiting list position.
After that, we'll dissolve the waiting list and will operate on first comes, first served basis. Get them while they last :)


Conbook illustrations open

Got some drawing or painting skills? Are you in mood for some art? Then, contribute with illustration to the coobook. We are open and hungry for pictures until June 1. For specification, check the illustration page.


Registrations speedup

 With Česfur getting close, we need to speed up the processing of waiting list so that people in that back don't get blocked by registration that already went for different holiday.
Here's how - if you are interested in Česfur main hotel, send us a message into the contact form ("I want a hotel room" is sufficient). On 21th May we will give remaining spots to people who contacted us, in the order of their waiting list positions. To speed things up, we're shortening the payment deadline to 4 days from getting the room. If that is a issue for you, let us know in the message as well.
The list got substantially shorter, so there's a (slim) chance to get a room even if you aren't registered yet, give it a try ;)


T-T-T-T-Shirts 👕 are here! Grab yourself a shirt to commemorate the first Cesfur after a few years. Design with Shao-Nin, the dragon guardian of the Peach of Eternity 🐉 will definitely suit you—but if you are a sponsor, you'll get to wear the face of royalty, tiger emperor Shang 🐯. If you want one, make sure to add the T-Shirt to your registration package (you can do that even if you paid the basic ticket already). Sponsors get one T-shirt included.

T-Shirt Sizing Table


Registrations, payment, overflow hotel, roomsharing and other useful stuff.

Here's a guide how "registration" is going to work this year. Why the quotes? Because as promised, we're keeping registration from 2020 and will only open regular registration once we clear the waiting list. Please read carefully especially if you're on OVERFLOW hotel or using the ROOMSHARING feature.

General info:

- If you're registered (in 2020) and have confirmed booking, it is possible to send your payments starting 21st March.

- Make sure to check the new price. Unfortunately, everything got more expensive, the hotel included, so we had to adjust the price.

- You have until 🗓️ 28.3., then we'll give a chance to furs on waiting list. Please disregard any later deadline that our website might give you. 28.3. is definitely the date, and we are trying to explain this to the website - but it won't listen. Specific info: - If you're confirmed on main hotel or individual, just send the payment and you're done .

- If you're on overflow, we will change your booking to individual and increase the number of possible individual registrations. Overflow hotel is providing shelter to Ukrainian refugees 🇺🇦. As eager as we are for it to provide accomodation to our attendees, it's current inhabitants need it much more than we do, so we have to cancel the accomodation for this year. In case the premise is vacated, we'll inform you and you'll be able to use it as individual accomodation.

- If you're on waiting list from 2020, your registration will be processed as usual - when a position on main hotel or individual frees, you'll get a booking and will have 7 days to pay for the con. We unfortunately expect some furs won't be able to come, so your chances are pretty good.

- If you aren't registered from 2020, please be patient. Unless the con fills from waiting list (which is unlikely), we'll open new registration on 📅 9th April to either fill the empty spots or extend waiting list. - Because we expect circumstances to have changed for many of you, we've completely reset room choice and you will have to select a room again. For general audience, this will be possible starting 24th March 20:30 (and requires finished con payment).

Roomsharing info:

- If you were roomsharing, you will need to once again find friends that want to share a room and get their approval (see here https://www.cesfur.org/en/roomsharing/). For your convenience, we'll return you to your original position in main hotel queue - in case you won't be able to find roomsharing again. Please be patient, the queue reset may take up to a week from now.

- The above step may cause lengthening the queue for some of you. Don't be alarmed, it can be expected most of the furs will use roomsharing option once again and get you to progress back to original place ;) If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us via contact form: https://www.cesfur.org/en/contact/ (or if you're really impatient, try česfur groups on telegram, maybe someone will know)


We're dearly hoping everything will work out this year and we'll finally get to see you on proper Česfur 🥳 :)