ČeSFuR 2017

Hello everyfur! Next ČeSFuR will be held from 5th to 9th July 2017 and invites you to a “Haunted Mansion”. We’ll once again be staying in Skalský Dvůr hotel and we’re looking forward to introducing you to a cute fennec named Spook and the fiendish Doctor Raven.
Stay tuned for more information!

The halls fell silent…

… the jugglers and performers departed, the days of Dogood’s reign are over. Instead, the Dragon King has returned and for a minute it seemed that this particular jest of Dogood’s would not only be his grandest, but also his final one. Two things saved him from the executioner’s axe. For one, he promised to wear donkey ears and a jester’s cap to show his repentance.

More importantly though, his Dragon Majesty found out that Dogood hadn’t ruined his reputation, since everyone was royally entertained. The works of Lady Nimrais were particularly beautiful, the aldermen did excellent jobs, the royal guard would only turn a blind eye in exceptional circumstances, and both lords and commoners had their fun to the fullest and departed happy and satisfied.

And thus, our thanks go to all of you. To those who made sure ČeSFuR was running smoothly, for the work they put into it. And to everyone without exception, for good mood and energy, for the neverending party, as well as lenience during the less smooth moments when Dogood’s jokes were getting a bit out of hand.

Long live the Dragon King, long live Dogood the Jester, and long live everyone who visited ČeSFuR this year. We’re looking forward to meeting you next year, this time in a haunted mansion.

Your Royal Council.


Deadline for changes | 19.6.2016

You have until Sunday, June 26, to select your meals, choose your room and upload your badge image and fursuit descriptions. After this date, badges will be printed and data handed over to the hotel. If you need to change something afterwards for serious reasons, contact us via the contact form.

Meal selection, fursuit registration | 16.6.2016

You can choose your lunch and dinner for individual days. Meal selection is accessible via the attendee menu after logging in.

If you’re planning to bring a fursuit, don’t miss the fursuit registration, also accessible via the attendee menu.

Artshow | 14.6.2016

If you plan to display your artwork in the Artshow, we would like to offer you an opportunity to register it in advance. Artwork registration is accessible via the attendee menu after logging in.

Event schedule preview | 11.6.2016

You can see the preview of ČeSFuR events planned for this year.

Hotel Skalský dvůr ***

Hotel Skalský dvůr is located in the quiet and romantic landscape of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands and it is conveniently accessible from Prague. It offers comfortable accommodation in 68 rooms, including four-star apartments, with a total capacity of approximately 180. There are two main halls and multiple rooms to hold events in, as well as an indoor swimming-pool. Outside, you can lounge at the beach of the Skalský rybník pond, or cruise the pond in a boat.