Skalský dvůr, ČR
2. − 6.7.2023



No overlow this year

Dear attendees, despite our best efforts we were not able to secure an acceptable overflow accommodation option. 

However there is still an option of individual accommodation ( here:, Airbnb here: Or if you're feeling adventurous you can bring your tent ⛺️. There are still spaces left, so don't miss your chance to meet us at Česfur :)


Overflow hotel and camping grounds

Registration is just a few hours away, here's some last minute info and news!

Overflow we've used in previous years is still not available. However we're looking into alternatives. So far we've got two:

If you are adventurous or a little tight on budget, camping in your own tent has been added to accommodation options. 
Hotel will provide limited number of camping spots where you can pitch your own tent. Hotel restrooms and showers will be available to campers and full board is a part of the package as well. The price (including full board) is 5800, so if you're planning to eat at the hotel (which we recommend since the food is really good), it's substantially cheaper than staying at the hotel. Plus, of course, it's a chance to spend the night right at the consite if the main hotel is already full.
However, if you go for this option, please consider the hotel is very much "alive" most of the night. Earplugs are recommended :)

We're also negotiating classic overflow option with shuttle service to get you there and back if you don't have your own car. We don't have final conditions yet, but during registration, you'll be able to choose overflow waiting list. Once we know detailed conditions (price, details of shuttle service etc.), we'll inform you and you'll be able to get overflow accommodation. The waiting list entry is nonbinding for you, if you don't like the conditions when they are published, you can of course cancel the choice. It's there to help us to estimate how many people are interested and set your position in queue in case interest goes over capacity. And like every year, it doesn't affect your chance to get to main hotel in any way.

One final reminder in case you're coming a day earlier or plan to stay a day later (do it, it's gonna be Friday!), you can choose lunch and dinner options so you don't go hungry on the extra days. Again, we recommend that, since there isn't much chance to get food around the hotel and due to number of guests, it won't be possible to order from menu.

See you in the evening and good luck with registration (the server will totally last this time... really...)


New website, registration date

A new head of ČIA (Česfur intelligence agency) is soon to be instated; however, there are still plenty of questions unanswered about the previous one. 

On 📅 02.-06. of July this year, an investigation will take place at Skalský dvůr. We will need your help! If you want to read through the dossier, visit our freshly renewed website 

But, if you want to join, you'll need to register - registration opens ⏰ 11.3. at 20:23 sharp! 


ČeSFuR 2023 will take place from 2 to 6 July

Our scanners captured an encrypted message. It was relayed to the cryptography department, however only thing they got out so far is just a few letters and a date: 'Nxt ČF: 02.-06. 07. 2023.' We'll let you know once we have more information.