Who are we?
Guest of Honor
Skalsky dvur, July 5−9, 2017



Snack and beer exchange

Like last year, we're looking forward to exchanging snacks and drinks with out fellow furs.

If you want to take part, click More to see detail.


Events schedule

Events schedule is live. See it under Events ;)


Haunted show-off

Preparing any costume or spooky props for Česfur? We're planning a haunted show-off for you to show off on ;)


Česfur last minute

Three weeks till česfur and we have three unpaid spots on overflow. Their owners either didn't write back or confirmed they are not going, so there's last minute flash sale.

If you're registered, want to go, but don't have any accomodation yet, leave us a message in contact form. We'll pick those that are highest in registration order and give them one day to pay. If they pay, they get the place. If they don't someone else gets the chance. So don't lose faith and write us ;)


Furry convention in the heart of Europe

Message of utmost importance

The fear audit that will be held from 5th to 9th July. May your dwelling be most terrifying and yourselves most scary, lest your mansion shall henceforth attain hotel status and your stay will only be tolerated to amuse the tourist visitors.

~ Undersigned, Dr. Raven with his own claw.

So it's here, the notorious auditor took interest in our home

The catch is… we aren’t really very good at scaring people.

Take the last fail for example, when a cutely gloomy fennec by the name of Spook wandered in. We tried to spook him out, scare him white, turn his head around, but we didn't get rid of him. He turned out to be a big horror movie and books lover. He took liking in our home and moved in.

He'll just have to do something about our haunting, he says. And so we're practicing all horror techniques and tricks to be in top shape for the audit. Even the idea of haunted party during the audit was Spook's idea. So, if you are reading this, pack your tentacles, bloody fangs, black magic and all your other bits and bobs and come join us. Perhaps we will learn a thing or two from you about haunting, and if not, we will have a super good time at least. Let's scare Dr Raven out of his feathers!

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