Skalský dvůr, ČR
2. − 6.7.2023



Date of our Next Adventure

Fellow Explorers! Pack your bags, put on your best adventuring shoes, and join our Česfur expedition to lands yet undiscovered. Our journey will be longer than usual, from Sunday, June 30th, to Friday, July 5th, 2024. We sincerely hope to see you there.

Official photo-album

📸The official photo-album is now officially official!

Furmeet in August at Česfur hotel

Česfur is over, but summer is not. Some of the orgs are going to visit Česfur hotel 10th-13th August, to just chill and hopefully meet other furs. Česfur veterans may remember "notčesfur" - no organization, no events, no rooms, just chill and good time with friends.

Sounds good? Then get your own booking at the hotel and join us there, we're looking forward to meeting you again. And if you book your room via email or hotel request form and mention code "Česfur", you'll get 10% discount on accomodation.

When: 10th-13th August 2023
What: Furmeet. No events, no organization.
How: Book a room on or via
Discount: 10% for accomodation (different rooms have different prices) if you ask for it and mention česfur


It's over, thank you all!


The operation is over. Thanks to the cooperation of ČIA agents, the pretender director was apprehended and arrested, Goat being promoted to his place. AI operating from Byte was isolated from network and is now busy tagging artwork for the benefit of furkind.

More importantly, everyone had a good time, stayed up late to party, cooperation between different agencies was enhanced and we've eaten all the pancakes. ČIA hosted 277 agents from 27 countries.

Thank you all for being there, special thanks to everyone helping us with the organization. We couldn't do it without you all and we can't wait to meet you next year for a new adventure into undiscovered lands.

Your orgateam


Feedback form, pls fill

I hope you enjoyed this year's Cesfur as much as we did! Please, help us make the next one even better by filling out the feedback form. It will take you 10-15 minutes to fill out.



We have found some losts that are looking for their home. If you recognize any, let us know via the contact form! If you can't see the pictures, view this message as a post on


Before-Česfur tips

Dear furries,


in the last days before Česfur, we would like to provide you with several tips on what you may want to include in your baggage:


  • ID card/passport
  • vaccination certificate or pet passport (nonanthro, especially dogs)
  • money, particularly if you have outstanding fees to pay
  • pictures for the Artshow, items for the auction, music for the Fursuit Dance Contest
  • noms or beers for the Snack/Beer Exchange (
  • anything else you need to organize your SIGs
  • musical instruments, writing and drawing tools, cameras
  • printed travel directions
  • swimming suit
  • both light and warm clothing - the weather forecast predicts Česfur weather (daytime temperatures around 25-25 degrees C and occasional rain)
  • sandals to wear indoors, for your comfort as well as tidiness


The ideal time for your arrival at the consite is 5 PM, registration will be open from 2 PM.


We wish you a safe and pleasant journey, and we're looking forward to meeting you!