Skalský dvůr, ČR
30.6. − 5.7.2024



Scouting the base camp

During the weekend of 10.-12.5. the Orga team will be scouting the base camp location at Skalský dvůr for our upcoming expedition. Join us for a laid-back meetup before the main event.

For reservation please contact the hotel directly by phone or email ( and use the keyword "Česfur". It is possible to stay just for one night or both.

Prices (when using the keyword):

Double bed (per night)  2000 CZK (1000 CZK per person) 

- breakfast included

Single bed (per night)  1500 CZK 

- breakfast included

Buffet (per meal)  350 CZK  (700 CZK makes Full Board per day)

We are looking for teamasters

Do you seek the real adventure? When there's work, will you do it while everyone else flies scared away? Did you hear there's more type of teas than just the earl grey? Then we are looking for you!
Tearoom at the Česfur is long standing tradition, praised by the attendees. This year we want to offer two rooms, with non-smoking room as well. To make that happen, we are looking for attendees to join our team. You don't need to know much about teas, we will teach you. But you should have some experience with serving customers and you should be willing to learn. Shifts are negotiable so you can enjoy the con as well,  but expect more than just few hours of work.
If you are interested, contact us through the contact form with short resume of your experience.

Registration date

Time to dust off out your trusty almanacs and note the date of registration for our adventure: Saturday 9.3.2024 at 20:24 CET 🗓️ Remember, there are limited number of spots, so make sure to come on time and be quick! As always, registration will take place on this website.

Shiny new web!

Our shiny new web is here! While you are anxiously waiting for this years Česfur, feel free to explore! And if you want to meet our adventurous protagonists, you can do so here: Also, big thanks to for the banner art and the icons!



Date of our Next Adventure

Fellow Explorers! Pack your bags, put on your best adventuring shoes, and join our Česfur expedition to lands yet undiscovered. Our journey will be longer than usual, from Sunday, June 30th, to Friday, July 5th, 2024. We sincerely hope to see you there.

Official photo-album

📸The official photo-album is now officially official!