Frequently Asked Questions


Will electricity and Internet connectivity be available at the consite?

Power outlets (European plug type E, 230 V, 50 Hz) are available in all common areas and in all rooms. There are no power outlets at the meadow.

Free WiFi internet connectivity will be available in some areas of the consite.

Does the hotel accept credit cards?

Yes, at the reception and at the bar.

How about parking at ČeSFuR?

There is a parking lot right in the front of the hotel that is large enough for all our guests.

Will there be a fursuit lounge?

Yes, there will be a room available for fursuiters to rest in, also known as a fursuit lounge.

Can I get specific instructions how to get to the consite by public transport? How expensive is it?

Every year, we send an up-to-date travel guide to all registered participants about one week before the con. This guide describes how to get to the nearest train station Rozsochy (also from Prague and Vienna airport), including recommendation and suggestion about local train service and consite parking details. From Rozsochy, ČeSFuR coordinates a shuttle transport all the way to the consite (and back again after the con, of course). One-way trip from Prague to the consite costs about €13.

Registration and Payment

Can I transfer my registration to someone else?

Usually yes. See section I. 7. of the Rules.

Can I get a hotel booking confirmation for my visa application?

Yes. If you need a hotel booking confirmation for visa purposes, contact us before May 15. Shortly after this date, the hotel will issue booking confirmations for all those who contacted us, and we will deliver the scanned documents to you via e-mail.

Can I take my dog with me?

The main hotel building generally allows dogs, under certain conditions. Contact us and tell us that you intend to bring a dog and specify its sex and possible behavioral oddities. We will consider this during room assignment. Please keep in mind that:

  • As part of safety precautions, you will be asked to show us the vaccination card with a valid certificate of rabies vaccination (not older than 1 year) at the consite registration. Without this necessity, your dog will not be allowed to enter the consite.
  • Your dog must be kept on a leash inside the hotel at all times.
  • Your dog won’t be allowed in the restaurant.
  • The hotel charges a fee for each dog.

Please inform us about your pet by June 1. Later registration may not be possible.

Why am I on a waiting list when the website shows there are still some free rooms left?

Unfortunately, the hotel capacity is not unlimited. If so many furs want to come to ČeSFuR that we cannot give everyone the accommodation they want, we’ll have no choice but to put applicants on a waiting list. If you’re on a waiting list, this means there’s currently no bed available for you (although it may still become available later).

The list of rooms on the website doesn’t show how many rooms are occupied, but only how many furs have chosen a preferred room (which is not mandatory). If you’re on a waiting list, the “available” beds appear in the list merely because not everyone has chosen where they’d like to stay yet. Those beds are currently all occupied, just not assigned to specific furs yet. Eventually, as everyone chooses or is assigned a room, the “available” beds will disappear.

Can I come to the con early or stay for an extra day?

Yes, it is possible. There are no organized events scheduled for the extra day and the hotel will no longer be reserved exclusively for us. Extending your stay is handled as a part of your registration.

During early arrival and late departure attendees stay at the main hotel, regardless on their accomodation during the main con time.

Is it possible to pay by international bank transfer?

It's not possible.

Why is personal data required for registration at ČeSFuR?

We need some of personal data in order to fulfil our obligations to attendees. For information about Purpose, see Privacy Notice.


What are general rules and conditions for registration and attendance?

The full text of official rules can be found here.

Who are the orgateam members and how can I contact them?

Orgateam members are: Ihaha, Raika, Scheriff, Tamu, Vlk00 and Xkun. If you have any questions regarding ČeSFuR organization, please contact us via the web form only.

Only information presented on this web site or via our official account on facebook, twitter or telegram is official and binding. Any information received from individual orgateam members (via IRC, web forums etc.) are personal opinions of those individuals, not standing of Česfur orgateam.

What meal options will be available?

Lunch and dinner (if paid) will be served buffet style. They are guaranteed to contain vegetarian dish.

Whether you have selected the full board payment option or not, you will also be able to order your own meals and drinks at the hotel restaurant at your own expense, but only outside standard meal times.

What is the meaning of different badge colors?

Badge color together with a sign (if present) defines roles at the con. In general, green, yellow, and purple are reserved for attendees. Red is reserved for organizers. Sign “Security” identifies a member of the Security team, etc. Colors and sign are used by Security, organizers, and selected hotel staff for quick identification of attendees.

Are transparent badge images allowed?

Transparent images (images that include a transparency mask or an alpha channel) are supported and will be printed accordingly.