Snack and beer exchange

Will there be the ever popular snack and beer exchange this year again? Of course! We all like to taste exotic goodies, but we’re hoping you’d like to represent your country too and will bring something good to share as well.

Beer exchange

Do you want to show off your local beer, cider, kwas or other "soft" alcohol? Bring total of about two liters (or more if it fits of course). Keep in mind that exchange will at first be open only to attendees that brought their own samples - it wouldn't be fair if the others drank it all before they can even get a taste. After the initial mutual degustation, others will be let in too, but if you bring your own beer, you have a guaranteed spot.

If you want to share interesting information about your beer, create a sign for it. You can print it or write it with your own hand. You can include your national flag and write down any interesting info about the beer there.

Snack exchange

What we’re looking for:

  • Candy, cookies, biscuits
  • Cheese, sausages
  • Crackers, bread, pastry
  • Jams, preserves, spreads
  • Anything else that tastes good and you’re willing to share

What we’re NOT looking for:

  • Stuff that goes bad quickly (including homemade) — please take this seriously, you don’t want to cause mass food poisoning
  • Overly… aromatic stuff — canines might want to roll in it and it might offend the rest
  • Items with high alcohol content

How much should you bring? That’s up to you. Remember there will be over 250 people at the consite, but also remember you must get the food to ČeSFuR somehow, so only take as much as you can fit in your luggage comfortably. Don’t worry about bringing too little — when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Like in case of beer, don't hesitate to use create a sign for your snack. Just include your country flag, add the name of the food, any information or warnings you can think about, print it and take it along.