Feeding back

We'd like to learn more about your experience and opinions on Česfur. If you want to help us improve the convention, please give us 15-30 minutes of your time and fill a feedback form. We'll greately appreciate it and if you leave us your nick, you can win a drink voucher for next Česfur :)


Thank you all!

The con is over, hopefully most of you are safely at home (or maybe still at the dead dog party?). Onto the bad news: please note that Covid crisis is still not fully over, and we have noted first positive cases among the attendees and the orgateam/conops alike. While the restrictions are lifted in most countries, be responsible, test yourself with at least an at-home test, and if positive inform your surroundings and whoever you've interacted with during the convention. Thank you for your understanding. And now for the good news: the final amount raised for the charity (animal rescue station in Jinačovice) has crossed the 43 thousand Kč mark! There has been 237 attendees, so that is over 180 Kč per attendee! Thank you all for your generosity, the money will be put to the good use! Also, thank you for the lovely atmosphere, the good times we had, and the awesome memories we made together. We sincirely hope to see you next year on Česfur 2023!

Travel info

Česfur is right around the corner, you better start planning your trip! Whether are you coming by car or the public transport system, refer to this guide:  TravelInfo2022-en. You'll find information on our shuttle service 🚀 from Rozsochy, as well as instructions where and how to park 🅿️ on hotel's premises.

Do you have everything set up?

Do you have everything ready for Česfur? Three weeks left till con itself, but here's what you should check by 15th June, because that's the last day you can change them:

  • Pick a room. If you don't, we'll randomly assign you to one
  • Changes of your profile, most notably your badge picture
  • Enter your fursuit to get a fursuit badge
  • Sponsor update, extra tshirt, early arrival, late departure
  • Size of your tshirt (they are also in payments section)
  • Application for Arist Alley
  • Submitting art to Artshow

Individual orders at the hotel restaurant during lunch and dinner time

A reminder to those who have not ordered lunch and dinner at the hotel. You won't be able to order meals in the hotel's restaurant. There is simply no capacity to accommodate both the people with full board and the individual orders - there will be some snacks available at the bar, but no full meals. Make sure you have a way of keeping your tummy nice and full during Česfur!


Last chance for a sponsor upgrade

Česfur is getting near and that means last chance to sponsor upgrade. Sponsor support is always extremely valuable, this year all the more because we're missing overflow hotel and with it a substantial number of attendees (and their part in budget). If you can spare a little extra for your favourite con, you'd be doing us an immense favor!

We can only offer symbolic rewards, but we're going to show our appreciation. What can you expect as Česfur sponsor?
- Acknowledgment in the conbook 📕
- Invitation to an exclusive orgateam'n'sponsors party 🎉
- Limited edition print 🖼
- A sponsor-only T-shirt 👕
- Immesurable gratitude of the orgateam 🙏

Also in case you might consider a supersponsor role, there's one spot left among their ranks. We pamper those with:
- A themed souvenir 🎁
- A voucher for the bar 🍸
- An exclusive dinner with a Guest of Honor 🍴
- Somehow, even more tremendous gratitude of the orgateam 🙏

You can upgrade to a sponsor or a supersponsor anytime on

The Guest of Honor has arrived!

Please, unroll the red carpet, let the fanfares sound, and welcome this year's Guest of Honor, Red-IzaK! You'll have a chance to meet this talented multi-media artist from Poland either on the official Meet the Guest event, or maybe somewhere around the convention hall - don't be shy to approach her. And while you are waiting around for Cesfur, you can check out her work on her twitter ( or the FA page ( You can also read more about her on our GoH page (