Guest of Honor

We're happy to welcome Red-IzaK as this year's Guest of Honor. She's an artist from Poland, focusing mostly on digital art. Having entered furry fandom via Elfwood galleries in 2003, she soon realized her interest in anthromorphic characters, eventually creating Deviantart gallery and Furaffinity account. By now, she's doing art as her primary job - despite never having formally studied it, instead getting a degree in art history and psychology, both specializations contributing to her work in various ways. Recently she's experimenting with new techniques such as 3D art and photobashing (combining photography and digital art).

When not drawing, she looks after Gucio and Dudi, a pair of cockatiels, her husband she's happily married to for three years, listens to podcasts, does 3D modeling which is an evolution of her passion for clay sculpting or goes for walks, be it in woods or sightseeing architecture. There's definitely a lot of topics she's happy to discuss so don't be shy to approach.

If you'd prefer more formal introduction, your best change is Meet the Guest event on Sunday, starting at 10am on the main stage, questions welcome.

Last but not least, check out her twitteror gallery (possible NSFW content).