I. Web and Registration Rules

  1. Convention. Annual convention (con) ČESFUR is held by a registered organization Česfur z.s. with help of volunteers on non-profit basis. Organizers can be contacted through the Contact Form.
  2. Attendee. Only a natural person registered at who is an adult by the Czech law (i.e. 18 years old or older) at the moment of arrival at the con and who has been approved and who paid the con fee will be admitted. This person is an attendee. A person can apply for registration only once. Available space is limited.
  3. Registration Approval. Submitted registration is processed within three business days. The organizers reserve the right to reject any registration, even without specifying the reasons. Owners of rejected or canceled registrations will not be allowed at the con.
  4. Account. Each completed registration will create an account at the website. The account is not impacted by registration. If you want to delete the account, send a request through Contact Form. An adult natural person can create an account before registration. A person may have only one account.
  5. Personal Data. Personal data entered during registration are either necessary to fulfill obligations of the web or the con or processing is subject to your consent. Each account owner is responsible for keeping the submitted personal data accurate. Each account owner is expected to correct mistakes either through web or through notification sent using Contact Form. See Privacy Notice for more details on personal data.
  6. Email. Organizers use email for all critical messages primarily. An attendee is responsible for providing a valid email address and for ensuring that the provided email address is capable of receiving emails sent by the web and the organizers and for monitoring incoming emails related to this con.
  7. Registration Fee. Registration fee is used to cover cost of the con including advanced payments. Therefore, the fee usually cannot be refunded. However, it is possible to transfer the registration fee and a place at accommodation facility to another attendee if approved by organizers. The financial matters between the original and the receiving attendee are the sole responsibility of the original attendee. Also, the receiving attendee will receive all commitments of the original attendee (including room sharing). Use Contact Form to initiate the process, please.
  8. Violation of Rules. The rules are binding for all attendees and account owners. Therefore, accepting the rules is required during registration. Depending on seriousness, violation of the rules may lead to deleting an account, rejecting/canceling a registration, expelling from the con, or automatic rejection of registration in following years.

II. Con Rules

  1. Official ČeSFuR languages are Czech, Slovak and English. Convention materials and important announcements will be available in Czech or Slovak and in English. Participants are expected to speak one of these languages.
  2. All convention participants are required to wear their badge at the convention site and in a common area of the hotel.
  3. Organizers wear red badges labeled ORGATEAM. The security team wears red badges labeled SECURITY. If you have a problem, a question, or if you are harassed by someone, don’t hesitate to ask a security team or orgateam member for help.
  4. An attendee gives organizers a permission to use photos and video recordings which were taken in common areas of the hotel and at the convention site and which may capture the attendee for purpose of presenting the convention.
  5. All participants are required to obey local laws and regulations. They are also required to follow orgateam and security team orders.
  6. Participants must not disturb con events or harass other participants with their behavior, excessive noise, or in any other way.
  7. Attendees are expected to be decent in clothing and behavior while in common areas of the hotel and the convention site. Please, keep all behavior which is meant for privacy of a hotel room inside the room.
  8. Attendees who are not signed in at a room of a hotel are not allowed to stay overnight at the hotel regardless whether in a room or at a common area of the hotel or at the convention site. Please, do not let such a person (or general public) to stay overnight in your (hotel) room. Violation of this rule is considered as serious.
  9. All illegal substances are banned at the convention site. Consumption of alcohol, with the exception of alcohol bought at the convention site, is forbidden.
  10. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas. This also applies to water-pipes.
  11. Organizers and security are entitled to remove anyone breaking these rules from common areas of the convention.
  12. In case of a major or repeated violation of rules, the orgateam is entitled to expel the offender from the convention. The con fee will not be repaid in that case, even partially.
  13. A participant can appeal to the orgateam against the decision of an organizer or a security team member. The orgateam decision is final.