Who are we?


Česfur was first held in 2004 as the largest gathering of the then, Czech furry community and a few foreign guests. Since then, it has become an annual event growing from humble beginnings to a major international furry convention attracting hundreds of attendees. The con is a non-profit event and is organized with help of its attendees.

We strive to create a convention that is a meeting place for furries from many (not just) European countries and to fulfill the idea of a convention in the heart of Europe. Every year we create an easy going holiday atmosphere where you will certainly not be bored, but at the same time you can rest and relax outside the hustle and bustle of the city.

This year we expect to welcome close to 300 attendees. If you want to be among them, do not hesitate with the registration, because the con capacity usually fills up in the first few hours.


Wondering if you'll understand anything on the con without any knowledge of Czech? Don't worry. All text materials are available in both Czech and English language. Language of program events mostly depends on the host, but a lot of them are held in English. And if not, you'll often find someone willing to translate for you. We're happy to give foreigner furs a chance to meet their czech counterparts, because a lot of czech furs also speak English. Don't be shy to try!