Registration Details

User Account Registration

Before you can register to the con, you need to have a valid user account on our website. This user account will stay available for you even after the convention ends and you'll be able to use it to sign up for the convention in the future.

The registration is easy. Once the user account creation is online - navigate yourself to the user account registration page and enter your valid e-mail address. We will send you an email containing verification link. It's necessary to click the link to finish the registration process.

Earlier, we have noticed that some e-mail servers (e.g.,, are considering e-mails sent by the web as spams. At the same time, some e-mail applications (e.g. Windows 10 Mail) tend to avoid downloading spam to your device. If you are not sure that you will be able to receive the e-mail through your e-mail application, we recommend you to log in into a web interface of your e-mail account directly.

After you click the verification link in your e-mail, you'll be able to set up your password. Your user account registration is now complete and you will be able to log in to visit and update your user Profile or review earned Achievements.

You can keep your user account even after the convention has ended.

Con Registration

To sign up for the convention, you'll need to have a valid website user account first. You can read how to obtain your user account in the guide above.

Registration Opens

Once the convention registration is open, you'll see a big Registration button on the frontpage of this website and the link for the registration page will show right after you log in. By clicking it you can start to register for the convention. Note that you need to be logged in to proceed with the con registration.

First Step

In the first step of the registration, you'll need to enter essential registration information such as your name and surname. You'll also need to solve our cute little furry CAPTCHA. Once you finish this first step, your registration will be given a timestamp which determines your position for accommodation reservation.

Accommodation Preference

Now, there's no need to hurry anymore. Yet, don't forget you'll need to complete your registration fully. After the First Step you're going to be asked to state your preference regarding the type of accommodation. The reservation system will automatically try to find the best accommodation type possible. If you're not interested in certain accommodation type, do not select it in the list. Once a free spot will become available it will be assigned to you in case you're the next person in the waiting list. Please note that we cannot transfer you back to your original accommodation type if this happens.

Example: you've been given a place in the overflow hotel. Yet, you've checked you are interested in staying at the main hotel during registration. Once there's a free spot available in the main hotel and you're the first in the waiting list, it will be automatically assigned to you. If this is something you don't want to happen - for example you've already agreed to room with your friends in the overflow hotel - you need to remove yourself from the waiting list for the main hotel. You can do so after you log in to your account.

Additional Information

After you set your Accommodation Type Preference, we will ask you for your address. Please fill all the mandatory fields and continue to the next step.


The next step is about your fursona: nickname, species, and a picture. This step will allow us to create a badge for you. Please fill all the mandatory fields and continue to the next step.

Contact Information

The next step is all about contact information. You can choose if you want to receive additional information via e-mail and you can fill in your telephone number or Telegram username which we can use in case we need to contact you regarding your registration.


Once you complete all these steps, the system will automatically redirect you to your attendee profile which contains summary of the data you entered during the registration. You can then edit some of this data and change your conbadge picture (or upload a new one if you haven't done it during the registration). We will now begin to check your registration.

Registration Check

Your registration is now being checked by our team. We check it for compliance with registration rules and confirm whether your registration is acceptable. Also, it is verified briefly that there has been no error in the system which might have impacted your registration. Once this phase is completed, you will receive results through e-mail. Since this phase is done by hand, please, allow up to three business days to complete.

My registration is approved. What's next?

Once your registration has been approved, you'll be getting access to multiple sections of your user profile. The most important one right now is the Payment section. In this section, you can view all the necessary information for your payment. You can also make an on-line PayPal payment using your PayPal funds or credit/debit card. There's also an option to purchase convention t-shirt and make a sponsor or super-sponsor upgrade for your registration. The early arrival and late departure purchase can be done here as well.

Please note that once your registration is approved, you have 7 days to make the payment in full, otherwise your registration is automatically cancelled!

I've already paid!

Once the registration is paid in full, you'll gain access to the Accommodation section. You can then select your a room. You can also select your meals in the Meals section (once the meal selection becomes available). In case you plan to bring your fursuit with you, you can use the Fursuit section to obtain fursuit badge and sign up for the Fursuit Gameshow or Fursuit Dance Contest events. If you're an artist and want to have your art showcased and eventually sold in the Artshow, you can use the Artshow section to submit your application. Similarly, in case you plan to sell merchandise, you can use the Artist Alley section to book a table there.